About me

If you are here, you are likely seeking some kind of change. Whether it is the need to improve a relationship, work through a current crisis, explore past wounds, or address your anxiety once and for all, reaching out is a courageous first step and I am sincerely glad you are here.

Although I believe an excellent and ongoing education is paramount to successful counseling, I also see life experience as an essential component to offer others as they seek to change. In the context of a genuine and authentic professional relationship, as one knows they are understood and heard, real transformation can begin.


It was through my own experience of attempting to live out the “must get it all done” mentality,  that I realized more is not always better. Since then, I have been on a personal journey of recognizing where to simplify and how to incorporate balance through various life seasons. As anxiety, stress and relationship issues (the top three things that bring clients to seek my assistance) are as often the result of lifestyle choices as they are psychological issues, I find great joy in sharing a few of the tools and coping mechanisms I have discovered along the way.


I look forward to hearing from you!



Past- (ACA)-American Counseling Association

Past- (AMHCA)-American Mental Health Counseling Organization

Past-(CAPS)-Christian Association for Psychological Studies.

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